Branding, on air graphics, and out of home campaign for the reboot of MTV’s TRL.


Out of home Times Square takeover.


The emoji system we developed gave us flexibility within our card and type system. It also gave us quick moments of expression and humor. Designs by Lindsey Chizever and Ben Buysse. Animations by Yonju Kim, Oscar Rivera, Weixi Zeng Adrian Alexis, and Jen Epstein.


Various animated transitions used throughout the show. 


SVP Design: Thomas Berger
VP Design: Rich Tu
Art Director: Sasha Safir-Temple
Design: Hernan Ayala, Ben Buysse, Lindsey Chizever, Christina Nahas, Studio Moross
Director of Motion: Jen Epstein
Lead Animator: Dorca Musseb
Animators: Adrian Alexis, Magda Baez, Chloe Rose Bush, David Fiddler, Yonju Kim,
Ethan Mackin, Blake Morrison, Oscar Rivera, Brendan Roche, Weixi Zeng
Logo Animation: Joseph Perno
Senior Producer: Ross Jeffcoat
Producer: Tim Gendimenico